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Luna Lux Prism Dodecahedron || LED Pendant

Luna Lux Prism Dodecahedron || LED Pendant


'Luna Lux' Prism Dodecahedron LED Pendant by Aglow Geo and Sacred G Collective. 

• Dimensions are 1.75”x1.75”x2.25” & wood panels are lasercut from natural cherry hardwood.

• LED glow choices are slow fade rainbow, pink, blue, green or warm white. Choose your favorite in the drop down menu.

• LED light turns on by twisting the top clockwise and batteries keep it bright for around 6 hours, then LED dims but will stay lit for around 12 hours total. Each pendant comes with two sets of batteries (AG3) to ensure you don’t stop shining anytime soon. 
• A chain is also included so that you can wear your Aglow Geo Pendant right away.

•The above pictures show a few examples of the possible glow choices, feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns.

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